Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To have or not to have the "philosopher's eye"

Visiting the recommended blogz , i realized i wanted to question our tendency , being the competitive and probably highly motivated 'art' students of the prestegious NCA , to be philosophical about the slightest of things ( to my mind ,for instance ,comes the buzzing of the bee ;now wether tht particular sound is just the proof of the insect's tendency to get its wingz moving at paranormal speedz or just the fact tht it sings in continuous monotonoes to avoid getting bored during the periodz of its ritualistic roundz ,willingly remains a mystry to me..) . Like it was important ,being who we are , for us to be tht way to have our point across .Or perhaps to be merely heard by the know-it-alls .

Is it not possible to be unflaterringly simple and still be acknowlegded and be taken seriously while we are still students ? naivety can pehaps be scorned at though . Serves a fine artist right. This brings furthur the question that why should it be soo hard to be artists of the elite stature ,ie. the sort tht can get works of art tht appear to be a mere havoc of colours or the surreal extracts of confusing dreamz ,good or bad ,that the artist probably had , in this or maybe any other part of the world ? Perhaps it is true thta a lot goes into the grinder before something of the sort can be acheieved , but the question remainz sa to wht? Is it the tendency to "cook up " or maybe actually have really hard to get philosophies backing up ur art piece ? Stuff that can make the big wigs and wits think up a connection between the two ? You know the kind of thingz that are hard to get by the lay-man (coz he just does n't have the sense to ..)

I really think its high time we started taking being as less complicated as possible seriously and avoid making things hard to understand for others too ,much less our selvez.. because by doing that we're seldom ever successful letting people understand or maybe just have a sensible glimpse of what we're standing for or maybe thinking about a certain issue , which is very important considering the current scenario of the circumstances we're undergoing internationally and the need to get a perspective of what we're all about to the world outside..

Whats more is that the artist lurking in the shadows of their presumed unintelligence , need to be encoraged to come up front and show what they've got which can be a pleasant suprise ,if you know waht i mean :)

So i guess this would suffice for my first ever blog entry before i appear to be the philosophical socailist :P

i reali need some xpert adivce on this ..

So LOng ...

ps : the photo is of the poster ,the artwork of aysha hassan (sophomore at the nca ,rwp campus )that won her the 1st prize .