Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Tentative Peek into the Near Future

So what do i want to progress with for my thesis, that is about a mere eight months from now? Not much of a clue besides a slight, whimsical inkling.
Looking back at my three academic years, i find in my works, a natural inclination towards a love for the form of the human body, it's motion. Besides that is my new found love for the effcts of sounds and music on our psychology and interpretation. SUGOUII....!! And then comes my ageless, primitive love for the artistic delicacy that is the japanese art of manga and anime.

It's is hard, almost impossible, to point out 'what' about this form of art appeals  me so. The action sequences( flawless!), the mature thought provoking storylines (they could, quite simply, give hollywood script writers a run for their money), hell, even the line art makes me downright drool !!!! I think at this point it is safe to state that i am infatuated with the japanese infatuation for the 'line' in art.

So its basically three things im jugguling with right now ;

- The motion of the human form,
- The effects of sounds and music on the human concience and psycology and
- The amazing art of manga.

I'd really like to get over with the juggling soon as possible and get on with the real thing. Pronto!

God help me!

til the next time i get inspired!

so Long!


  1. hey bia , im glad ure understaning of your inspirations has grown and ure realeasing it. now the hard part as always is to realize why each one of us takes interest in a particular thing and not the other.
    i wish you all the best in the comming months..;)

  2. thank u soo much sweetest :* but m like still pretty much confused. i mean i want to take all three of these along. how tangled is that! 0.0 :S