Tuesday, August 2, 2011


we're all parasites..
i wonder how we can call ourselves pretty / handsome or think ourselves so in any way when we are so much less so. when we're all really just so ugly


  1. I like the line, *" when we are so much less"

  2. parasitic!!!....y dont u study symbiotic relationship baby...

  3. and what is it in being looking good and being a parasite....by the way what is a parasite...one who just eats up and makes the other weak rite?

  4. hmm.. amna thing is, the relationship im pointing at is the one we have with inspiration and, in some senses, life itself. i doubt we can go on with out a certain 'drive' in life. we feed off that drive or inspiration in order for us to survive . to grow. and that realization kind ov pissed me off for a while.

    the senses for the word beauty are legion, dear. beauty is not only of the skin, m sure u realize that at this point. so obviously, to achieve satisfactions and a consequent sense of 'beauty'is only natural. what pisses me off is how dependent we are. we need to have a goal, we need to feed of an inspiration to be accomplished or to feel accomplished.

    have u ever felt like u perform better when u're in despair or are elated?

    sweety, perhaps what m talking about is stuff that artists need to feed off.

    and m sure u realize that inspiration is infinite. so i wouldn't worry much about its getting weak :)

    to interpret it as a symbiont phenomena is subject entirely to personal preference, don't u think?

  5. don't let it get to u :) just a spur of the moment thng