Sunday, August 14, 2011

Time For A Breather !

Be Prepared For 2012 - Astronomical and Scientific Facts - Video

okay so after watching this video (which for some weird reason i did because i don't generally entertain such farce issues) i freaked out. like totally and in a majorly MAJOR way. it could be partly because of the fact that i'v been constantly having dreams of wild earthquakes and huge tsunamis rushing in my face for quite some time (read 2-3 years) now.

and because i was so hopelessly disoriented with fear -- i had the most beautiful dream. i was scared shitless in my dream too but i was with my family. umm, that's not exactly the beautiful part. like it or not, i'm with them everyday :P

the starting symptoms of the 'end' were begining to appear and it was like no movie i'v ever seen (and i'v watched quite a few).
the night sky was ridden with planets and moons, all the hues and shades of orange and red. they'd appear then hide behind dense clouds. the sky was in constant motion and soo transparent or perhaps these planets were. also there were these groups of small granules of yellow red lights strewn in the atmosphere that were not supposed to touch you because they could instantly set you on fire O.O i can soo not describe what my troubled brain cells conjured up so i'll stop :)

(above is an attempt at illustrating what i saw. not so successful though :S)

although i'll add that it was so real. the reality of it was characterized by our feelings of relief with the return of our bland starless sky and the onset of a startling panic of witnessing something extraordinary and fearful in it's improbability. 

when i woke up, i naturally sought the refuge of my mother's unfailing wisdom and she squashed my fears like she bats down a fly. a single strike.

i reckoned in the end that it was all a matter of fate and who was man to decide or decode that, for that matter, a mere slave of destiny.

so if we die, then we die and if we don't, we live and we discover that perhaps the mayan-calender-disc-thing did run out of space to record any more time because, after all, as long as we exist in this world all is subject to an end.

oh bother!

until the next time i get inspired! 

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