Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Nameless Pasts Matter

I live today, going about my daily routine made up of countless subroutines, comprising of a mundane course of events.

I die tomorrow -well, at least figuratively.

What happens next?

Who’s to know. But what I do know is the life that I left behind; the people ,the places ,the days, the weeks, the months, the years. What I do know is that there was a world full of these things and that I was a part of it. That I tried to make a difference, no matter how unnoticeable or unworthy of anyone’s while. I tried to stand out. I tried to do my part amongst millions of others. I aspired and I inspired.

But if I were to die today, would you notice? Would you admit to this existence?

I know now, that I would.


  1. I'm sure a lot of people would notice.

    Would you say your question is philosophical?

  2. im sure it would be noticed if someone around us died. i usually cannot with such understanding and relevance, speacially if it is someone i don't really know even if they have been around me for four years. so i was, sort of, questioning that immunity towards the lives besides our own and those dear and near to us. this thought actually came about as, probably, a response to the alarming rapidity with which the rate of deaths around the globe is increaseing due to causes either natural or other wise. what 'do' these lives really mean to us? probably just a dream tht we did have going on somewhere in our subconcience and weren't aware of? and we were in this constant thing togather because we all share the same space to exist (earth) and the moment we hear of the discontinuation of an existance we snap out of it but don't really know what we were seeing (thats the way i feel about it *weird*=S). i dont really know to what idea of philosophy this thought would pertain to or if it would have anything to do with philosophy at all because it was just that- a thought. the profundity comes to me naturally =)))